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Business Plan

Stellar Studies.
Teaching the youth  how to study…

Thank you for taking the time to visit our inverstors page. We have provided a detailed but straight to the point description about Stellar Studies and our plans for the future.

Executive Summary

Studying has become taboo in today’s technological society. Our mission is to foster and facilitate the study habits that every student needs in order to reinforce what was learned during the school day, after school. Our founders, Nadia and Channing Trent are both college graduates who want to pour positive study habits into today’s instant gratification driven youth by focusing on the hours immediately following school dismissal, the most integral time for retaining information learned.

Company Description

Stellar Studies serves the Charles County area with before and after care services, accepting students from Kindergarten to 5th grade. We are a study-first program that works with the parents to get homework done versus the typical after care program which promotes playing after school. We aim for students in our program to maintain an honor roll student status. 
Along with the program comes special activities to make learning fun, such as guest speakers and attractions.

Market Analysis

The number of Charles County Children under 12 with Mothers in the Work Force is 22,913 which is 80.3% of total 2019 child population under 12 (28,534). 

The median household income in Charles County is $97,286.

The tuition for Stellar Studies for a fully enrolled student is $6000 per school year.

With the amount of working mothers alone, at this proportion it’s safe to say that there is a direct need for child care in this county and Stellar Studies will be a success once open to the public .

Competitive Analysis

There are 55 Before/after School
(School & Center-Based) programs in Charles County which are fully enrolled. Stellar Studies will be a unique facility for students to frequent after school, promoting a well nutritioned snack to aid in proper diet for studying, structured environment for students to continue their education after school and a place for students to network outside of their designated schools and classes. 

The owner has over 7 years of teaching experience from ages 5 to 12.

The Statistics

Charles County is rapidly growing and with the county returning back to normal post COVID, the need for after school care has increased becuse more parents are going back in to the workplace physically as virtual work is beginning to decrease. Take a look below at the current numbers for elementary school enrollment in Charles County.

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Elementary schools

Elementary school students

Available spots @ stellar studies

Start Up Financial Projections

With the country returning to normal, the demand is high for child care. Take a look below for a glimpse of our projections for the business assuming we are at a full enrollment of 30 students. 

Enrolled (30 students)

Per Student
Per Week

Gross Income
Per Month

1 yr Financial Projection

Take a look below for a glimpse of our 1 year projections for the business assuming we are at a full enrollment of 30 students.



10 Months

3 Year Financial Plan

We plan to expand our reach beyond before and after care. Take a look below for a glimpse of our projections for the business assuming we are at a full enrollment of 30 students for before and after care ($150/wk) and 30 students for summer enrichment ($300/wk). 

Summer Enrichment

Before and After Care

Gross Yearly Income

5 Year Financial Plan

By year 5, Stellar Studies will be a year round business, providing before/after care, summer enrichment camp and year round tutoring. Assuming we are at full capacity(30 students enrolled in each program) , below you will see the financial estimate. 

B/A Care & Summer


Gross Yearly Income